Assess the creditworthiness of your customer using an automated bank statement analyzer.

Gives a complete picture of the income and expenditure of an individual or SME based on their bank account.


Automating minimizes manual efforts thus reducing operational costs. Reduces the TAT for the processing of loan applications thus minimizing drop-offs.

Accurate risk assessment

Helps lenders assess other liabilities of the borrowers that may have an impact on their ability to repay the loan being applied for.

Fraud Detection

It helps lenders in detecting payment fraud, loan fraud, and author fraud.

Deep underwriting

Solid BSA has the potential to cater the unbanked: providing a solid foundation for loan underwriting.

Bank Statement Analyzer

A bank statement gives a complete understanding of the borrower’s financial health- his payment history, his transacting habits etc. It helps in generating a report that determines the creditworthiness of the prospective borrower.

Bank statement analyzer offers a seamless way for businesses to access their customers’ enriched bank transaction data via PDF Upload or NetBanking Login to analyze bank statements. It offers an intuitive journey to the borrowers ensuring that their loan journey is completed.

The Bank Statement Analyzer (BSA), being completely automated, eliminates errors arising from manual intervention. The report helps organizations in accepting documents online, improving TAT, reducing manual effort, improving accuracy, and minimizing operational costs and fraud transactions, all of which lead to customer drop-offs.Bank Connect Reveals events of non-payment and default or insufficient funds.

This helps you in quick credit assessment and real-time decisioning, thus improving customer’s loan journey, cross-selling and retention of customers.

COVID-19 Impact

FinBox helps lenders with COVID -19 Impact Analysis with key insights to assess your customers' financial health due to the impact of COVID -19.

Compare and Analyze

Comparative Analysis of bank statements data in pre COVID-19, lockdown and post lockdown periods.

Behavioural Impact

Transactional impact analysis due to COVID-19 on your borrower's financials

Enhanced Report

Detailed report with key insights and trends observed in a borrowers' income, obligations, spending pattern for complete COVID-19 Impact Analysis.
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Bank Statement analyzer for
Loan Applications

Process applications instantly with automated bank statement analysis. Enable users to connect their bank accounts to your app via Net Banking login or manual upload of Bank Statement PDF.

Minimized Drop-off Rates

Automated process reduces TAT and lowers drop off rates by as much as 60%..

Underwriting expertise

Generates an exhaustive list of predictors from bank statement data to build sophisticated underwriting models on.

Reduced Costs

Leverages state-of-the-art tech and economies of scale to reduce your costs by 50%.

Flexible Integration

Integrate via APIs, SDK or dashboard across platforms of your choice (iOS, native Android, web, et al)

Minimize drop-offs.
Maximize approvals in your loan management software

FinBox Bank Connect helps you reduce cost and Turn Around Times of your application process. It improves your overall customer experience and approval rates.

Lower TAT in loan Disbursal
Automated bank statement analysis helps you process applications instantly.
Intuitive customer journey
Our fully digitised process and well designed UI ensures a hassle-free, frictionless and intuitive customer experience.
Guided experience
Help your customers understand banking compliances by maintaining transparencies on guidelines, policies and regulations.
Highest level of data privacy
Emphasize on security and data privacy to the satisfaction of your customers.

Integrate 50+ Banks with a single API

Bank Connect supports multiple PDF formats, time periods and narrations for account statements across all major banks in India.


Supercharged Transaction Data. Fast.

Bank Connect combines transactions extracted from bank statements with data from third-parties to provide enriched, clean data within seconds via an API call or a CSV report.

How it Works ?

Embed Bank Connect widget in your app
Embed end-to-end lending flow into your app using our UI SDK.
Statement Upload
Let your customers provide statements via PDF Upload or NetBanking Log In.
Real time approval
Customers are shown eligible loan offers and approved in real-time.
Loan is approved
Lender manages the fund disbursal.